Who is Mad, Sad, Glad, or Scared?

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

Several 4-year olds are playing in a daycare. All of a sudden, Stevie grabs a toy out of Johnny’s hand. Johnny screams, “That’s mine!” Stevie responds by swinging the toy and hitting Johnny in the arm. Johnny immediately bursts into tears as a daycare provider comes swooping into the fray. The daycare worker quickly figures out what happens and reprimands Stevie and gives the toy…

Teens’ Stress Looks Like Adults

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

On a recent busy day, a teenage girl had to study for a science exam, turn in a major social studies project, and finish reading a novel in English. In addition, she had two hours of dance team practice, served as a mediator between two of her friends who had been fighting online, and completing her chores at home. She skipped lunch and barely had…

Young Children and Their Friendships

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

A little girl breathlessly runs up to her mother in the park and says, “I just made my new best friend!” The mother is very happy for her daughter and asks several follow-up questions like, “What’s your friend’s name?” and “Does she live around here?” Her daughter just says, “I don’t know” to each question but then adds, “We were both playing in the sandbox…

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