Helping Children Cope with Terrorism

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

The media coverage of the terrorism attack was all encompassing. It was on television, social media, news websites and even YouTube. It was hard to escape the video taken of the attack and the immediate aftermath. The seven year old boy was starting to worry that such an attack could happen in his town. He began to ask his parents where they were going when…

Keep an Eye Out for Physical Delays in Toddlers

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

The group playdate had already started at the church. The room was full of toddlers crawling, walking, and running around to various play areas. The mother put her 18-month old son down on the floor and watched him crawl off to play with the other toddlers. As she started talking with the other mothers and caregivers, the mother noticed that most of the toddlers her…

Lessons to Learn from the Hare

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

The hare ran furiously towards the finish line as the tortoise had only a few feet left to go. Despite his best efforts and closing rapidly on the tortoise, the hare lost the race. The Aesop fable of the Tortoise and the Hare has been a classic tale told to generations of children. The lessons are that slow and steady wins the race and that overconfidence…

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