Dealing with a Child’s Aggression

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

“You better give me that or I am going to punch you in the face,” said the son to his mother as he balled up his fist to punch. The mother felt that this was a good time to give into her son’s demands as it was not worth the fight, particularly over an action figure. All parents experience aggression from their children in one…

Parents and Toddlers’ Tablets

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

“Ok honey, mommy needs to get some work done. It is time for your show”, said the mother to her two year old daughter. The mother put a tablet computer in her daughter’s hands and started cleaning dishes. Her daughter swiped a couple of times and soon Sesame Street came on the tablet. The little girl sat down and started watching. As the situation above…

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