Little Athletes Just Need Water

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

A little five year old boy comes running into the house after playing outside. Face all flush with his exertions and panting, the boy says, “I am so thirsty!” His father reaches into the refrigerator and gets a big blue sports drink and hands it to the boy. This situation is becoming more common in many households as children rehydrate after playing sports and being…

Teens Tech Use and Impact on Sleep

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

It was late at night and the room was dark except for the glow of the computer screen. The adolescent boy was hunched over the computer playing just a little more of World of Warcraft before heading to bed. Thirty minutes later, he logged off the game and laid down in bed. Despite feeling exhausted, he could not seem to fall asleep. It took nearly…

Kids Need to Eat Breakfast

by: Dan Florell, Ph.D.

The house is alive with a flurry of activity. A young girl is quickly shoving papers into a backpack while her mother is finding her car keys. The girl’s brother still looks slightly dazed as he finishes putting on his clothes while his father exhorts him to get ready to go. In a short-time, the bus arrives to pick up the children and the parents…

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