MindPsi provides services for children in their early years, from birth to pre-school. We work closely with parents, often in the home, to address a range of behavioral concerns. These include difficulties with biting, hitting, throwing temper tantrums, and eating.

In addition, MindPsi is a First Steps provider for children with socio-emotional and behavioral issues.

  • What will you get?
    • We have been trained to work with children and adolescents, which has allowed us to tap into parenting techniques beyond what most of us learned from our parents. Every strategy that we try may not necessarily work every time, but you should see how many strategies we have! The availability of several strategies means that we tailor to you and your child’s unique needs. We often take very basic discipline strategies and incorporate what we know about how children learn and perceive consequences to develop behavior plans that are tailored to your family.
  • First Steps is a state program for children between the ages of 0-3 years of age. If you have concerns about your child, please contact First Steps.
    • Counties served: Bell, Harlan, and Knox.